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  • San Juan Mayor Calls Trump “Hater in Chief” After He Threatens To End Federal Aid To Puerto Rico

    As U.S. territory Puerto Rico continues to struggle after back-to-back devastating hurricanes, President Donald Trump threatened to stop sending federal aid in a series of Tweets on Thursday, according to Huffpost. Trump quoted Fox News regular and conservative journalist Sharyl… Read More ›

  • A Family Of Five Finally Freed After Being Imprisoned By The Taliban For Five Years

    After almost 5 years of being held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan, An American Woman, her husband and three children were freed by Pakistani security forces according to a report by CNN’s Ryan Browne and Barbara Star. In 2012,… Read More ›

  • Video Of The Northern California Fire Aftermath (Which Left At Least 23 People Dead) Shows A Desolate Wasteland

    Over16 deadly fires ravaged through Northern California’s wine country, destroying more than 1,500 homes and leaving at least 23 people as of Wednesday night according to a report by the Los Angeles Times. Firefighters have been heroically battling the fires,… Read More ›

  • Watch: Kellyanne Conway Blasts Hillary Clinton For Keeping Harvey Weinstein’s “Dirty Money”

    During an interview on Fox News on Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway criticized Hillary Clinton for being a hypocrite by taking so long to speak out about Weinstein’s treatment of women. Although host Bill Hemmer avoided talking about… Read More ›

  • Trump Threatens To Shut Down Any Network That Doesn’t Agree With Him

    President Donald Trump has responded to an article written by NBC by threatening to shut down any American networks that reporting what he claims to be “Fake News,” according to a report from The Independent. “With all of the Fake… Read More ›

  • White House Back Tracks Trump’s IQ Test Challenge To Tillerson: It Was “A Joke”

    During Tuesday’s afternoon briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that President Donald Trump’s “IQ test” challenge to Tillerson was “a joke and nothing more,” according to a report by The Washington Post. “The president certainly never implied… Read More ›