In an effort to make himself the last word on what information reaches President Donald Trump, Chief of Staff John Kelly laid out a new process in two memos in which he will vet all materials that hits the Resolute desk, Politico reports.

This is the same system that previous administrations have used to limit internal conflict and competition. Kelly is trying to stem the free-for-all policy making that has plagued the White House since Trump has taken office.

Kelly proposed the new policymaking process during a conference call last week. The system is designed to prevent Trump from seeing any agency reports, external policy documents and even mainstream news articles, unless it has been vetted by Kelly first.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “ “Gen. Kelly is instilling processes to ensure that the president has the information and analysis he needs to make decisions. The White House staff will continue to support the president by ensuring that the policy options presented to him reflect all relevant viewpoints, including any dissenting views.”

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