As Texas faces one of the worst natural disasters in its recent history, residents of a nursing home found themselves trapped in waist-deep flood waters, unsure of when they would be rescued.

According to an ABC News report, the 20 to 25 senior residents who live at La Vita Bella Nursing home in Dickinson were trying their best to save personal items as the building flooded. In a plead for help, Timothy McIntosh, posted a photo of residents trapped in the building and covered by blankets, trying to stay warm.

“Need help asap emergency services please RETWEET,” wrote McIntosh, whose mother-in-law owns the home.

Thousands of social media users retweeted the call for help and the National Guard was called to the location.

“Latest update on La Vita Bella home in Dickinson, TX.On “purple” high priority list. Coast Guard on route right now for rescue.#HoustonFlood,” McIntosh posted on Twitter.

During an interview with the Galveston County Daily News, the city’s emergency management coordinator, David Popoff said that the residents were rescued from the nursing home by helicopter.

After the rescue, McIntosh tweeted his appreciation: “RESCUED!! Thank you to the National Guard & the Galveston City Emergency crew for our rescue; @GalvestonOEM #houstonflood @NationalGuard”


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